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Pages: 508-511

Malignant Solitary Fibrous Tumor: A Report of Two Cases

Nawal Hammas, Amal Douida, Karima Idrissi Serghouchni, Laila Chbani, Hind El Fatemi

Category: JMSR Oncology

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The solitary fibrous tumor is a rare mesenchymal tumor. It is preferentially located at pleura. Extra-thoracic localization is rare. In soft tissue, solitary fibrous tumor accounts for approximately 0.6% of tumors. The sino-nasal localization is very rare. Histologically, the tumor is made of a dense proliferation of fusiform cells. The immune-histochemical study of solitary fibrous tumor classically shows a diffuse expression of vimentin and CD34. Intense and diffuse nuclear staining of STAT-6 is highly characteristic of this tumor. The treatment of choice is the complete surgical resection.

Case Report 1: A 39-year-old woman presented with a tumefaction of the left thigh, measuring 13 centimeters in diameter. A chest, abdomen and pelvis computed tomography (C.A.P. CT) showed a mass measuring 20 cm, located in the left psoas muscle, with extension to the pelvis, and pulmonary metastases. Histopathological analysis of the specimen was consistent with malignant solitary fibrous tumor.

Case Report 2: A 80-year-old man presented with a mass of the right nasal cavity. Cranio-facial MRI showed the presence of a tumor of the right nasal cavity with intracranial extension. Histopathological analysis of the specimen was consistent with malignant solitary fibrous tumor.

Keywords: Malignant, Solitary Fibrous Tumor, Nasal Cavity, Soft Tissue


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