Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 529-529

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Giant Duodenal Ulcer

Author: Kamal Serrar, Yasser El Oukli, Mohammed Maliqi, Youssef Kerroum, Amraoui Mohammed

Category: JMSR Gastroenterology

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A 60 year-old man, hypertensive with medical history of hemorrhagic stroke, was admitted to the hospital emergently complaining from severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Clinical examination showed an evidence of acute peritonitis. Laparotomy revealed a large perfored duodenal ulcer, measuring 6cm diameter, treated by surgical repair (surgical sutures) with good evolution.

Keywords: Diameter, Giant Duodenal Ulcer


[1] Cherradi Y, Timraz A., Essamri W., Benelbarhdadi I., Ajana FZ, Afifi R., and al. Incidence and Clinical Features of Peptic Ulcer Disease in Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: -Experience of Moroccan University Hospital Unit- Journal of Medical and Surgical Research – JMSR 2015 Vol. II (2): 140-143.