Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 210-214

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Uterine Mullerian Adenosarcomas: About a Retropspective Case Series Analysis of 13 Patients

Author: Mohamed Allaoui, Jean Jacques Michels

Category: JMSR Oncology

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Aim: The purposes of this study is to identify the incidence of uterine adenosarcomas in Lower Normandy. In addition, we sought the clinical, morphological, and immunohistochemical features of this uncommon mixed mesenchymal tumors. Patients and methods: 13 cases of uterine adenosarcomas were retrieved the last 23 years from the charts of the Fran__ampersandsignccedil;ois Baclesse Cancer Center and thanks to the data obtained from the cancer registries of the department of Manche and Calvados in Lower Normandy (France). All cases were reviewed by the authors. Results: 13 cases were observed beginning with the first case reported in our geographic area in 1989. Follow-up was available in 11 cases, only one young patient died, but from another non related previous carcinoma. All other patients are actually alive with no evidence of disease with a median follow-up of 10 years, only one patient with short follow-up shows a very ominous local evolution with a massive intraabdominal evolution in the context of an heterologous adenosarcoma with a rhabdomyosarcomatous component.

Keywords: Adenosarcoma, Cervix, Uterus