Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 166-170

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Desmoid Tumors of the Abdominal Wall and the Therapeutic Management: a Case Report.

Author: H. Hachim, M. Alaoui, M. Mountassir, M. A. Majbar, F. Sabbah, M. Raiss, A. Hrora, M. Ahallat

Category: JMSR Oncology

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Desmoid tumors are fibrous proliferations that have an aggressive and an infiltrating character which tend te reccur locally without gaving any metastasis. Ther are rare repressenting less than 0,03% of all tumors. Mostly, they are sporadic, but in 2% of the cases they come in a genetic context __doublequotosingThe Gardner Syndrome__doublequotosing. Desmoid tumors are localized, appearing in a decreasing order of frequency in the structures of the abdominal wall, the peripheral muscle fascia or more rarely in the intra-abdominal contents (mesentery, retroperitoneum).

We report the case of a 32 years old female patient who had a desmoid tumor of the abdominal wall discovered during pregnancy. And from this clinical case we will focus on the difficulties of their therapeutic management, recalling through a literature review, the clinical, paraclinical and therapeutic features of these tumors.

Keywords: Desmoid tumor, Aggressive fibromatosis, Abdominal wall, Infiltrated margins.