Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 115-118

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Surgical Complications After Kidney Transplantation

Author: K. Flayou, I. Hadiya, O. Raoundi, M. Lahyani, Y. Jabbour, O. Yddousalah, Tarik Karmouni, Khalid Elkhader, Abdellatif Koutani, Ahmed Ibnattya Andaloussi, L. Benamar, N. Ouzeddoun, R. Bayahia, H. Rhou

Category: JMSR Surgery

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Background: Incidence and severity of surgical complications after kidney transplantation have decreased significantlyThe aim of our work is to evaluate the prevalence of these complications and their impact on graft survival.

Methods: This is a retrospective study over a period of 16 years (June 1998 - June 2013) about 40 patients transplanted who presented 55 surgical complications.

Results: The mean age of our patients was 35.3 +/- 11.2 years with a sex ratio of 1.4. Initial nephropathy is unknown in 67.5% of cases. Urological complications are found in 19 cases (vesico ureteral reflux in 3 cases, ureteral stenosis in 2 cases and lymphocoele in 14 cases). Vascular complications are found in 36 renal transplants: vascular thrombosis in 3 cases, stenosis of the artery graft in 25 cases, rupture of the graft in two patients and graft hematoma in 6 patients. Mean creatinine was 14.5 +/- 5.3 mg / l in patients with vascular complication and 14.6 +/- 3.5 mg / l in patients with urological complications.

Conclusion: Surgical complications remain an important risk factor that can influence the final outcome of the transplantation. Rapid diagnosis and management determine the prognosis.

Keywords: Transplantation, complications, vascular, urological