Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 43-50

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Development and Evaluation of Endocrinology Prescription Support Application

Author: S. Housbane, S. Diouny, M. Bennani Othmani

Category: JMSR Diabetes & Endocriniology

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In recent years, medical informatics has played an integral role in medicine, biology, and public health. The emergence of medical informatics as a discipline is largely due to advances in information technology, and an increasing awareness that biomedical knowledge about patients are essentially unmanageable by traditional paper-based methods.
This study aims to develop a web application to assist endocrinologists in standard therapeutic protocols used in clinical and therapeutic aspects of endocrinology and drugs, and to contribute to a better management of drugs, and patient management recommendations.
We outline key concepts as well as the application development stages of the application. The development of the application consists of defining needs, objectives and target audience, locating stakeholders and identifying their roles, modeling, choosing the most appropriate technology tools to reach the maximum targets, and finally developing the application.
Endocrinology Prescription Support Application (EPSA) was developed for better information diffusion and communication within the endocrinology community. The application is enhanced by dynamic documents using small interactive scripts (JavaScript), e. g. Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation and interpretation.
The use of these systems and their success rely on medical informatics which establishes connection and communication between computer scientists and endocrinologists to develop better integrated systems in their daily practice.

Keywords: Endocrinology prescription, Medical Informatics applications, Morocco.