Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 432-436

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Preoperative Planning for Simulation of Surgical Margins in Maxillectomy: a Systematic Review

Author: Jaspreet Singh Badwal, Bharat Kumar S, Saurabh Kumar Sinha

Category: JMSR Surgery

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Purpose : To present the new developments in preoperative and intraoperative assessment of surgical margins in maxillectomy and highlight techniques developed for computerized simulation of surgical margins using different imaging modalities, by way of a systematic review.

Materials and Methods : An electronic search was conducted using the terms __doublequotosingmaxillectomy__doublequotosing, __doublequotosingsurgical margins__doublequotosing, __doublequotosingimaging__doublequotosing and __doublequotosingsurgery__doublequotosing in combination with the following search strategy: Search block Maxillary Neoplasms - (__doublequotosingMaxilla__doublequotosing[Mesh] OR __doublequotosingMaxillary Neoplasms__doublequotosing[Mesh] OR __doublequotosingMaxillary Sinus Neoplasms__doublequotosing[Mesh] OR __doublequotosingMaxillary Sinus__doublequotosing[Mesh] OR maxillectomy*[tiab] OR maxilla resection*[tiab]); search block Margins of excision - (__doublequotosingMargins of Excision__doublequotosing[Mesh] OR surgical margin*[tiab] OR excision margin*[tiab] OR resection margin*[tiab] OR tumor-free margin*[tiab] OR line[tiab] AND resection [tiab] AND validation[tiab]); search block Maxillary cancer - (maxilla*[tiab] AND (__doublequotosingNeoplasms__doublequotosing[Mesh] OR neoplasm* [tiab] OR tumor [tiab] OR tumors[tiab] OR tumorous [tiab] OR tumour* [tiab] OR cancer* [tiab] OR lymphoma* [tiab] OR malignancy* [tiab] OR oncology* [tiab] OR carcinoma* [tiab]). Clinical studies up to June 2017 were retrieved from the electronic databases of PubMed, EMBASE and SCOPUS, which provided relevant information in relation to oncological disease managed with help of preoperative surgical simulation for maxillectomy and sinonasal cancer. References of the selected articles were further searched for important relevant studies. Apart from this, a search was conducted over Google Scholar to obtain related articles.

Results and Conclusion : Treatment planning for major surgical procedures involving surgical intervention for cancer of the maxilla, has greatly evolved over the last few decades. Preoperative planning and surgical simulation help to decrease the incidence of positive margins after a maxillectomy, making surgical treatment more accurate. Furthermore, surgical resections have been made possible for advanced sinonasal malignancies by reducing the morbidity of injury to adjacent critical vital structures.

Keywords: Imaging, Maxillectomy, surgery, surgical margins

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