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      <JournalTitle>Journal of Medical and Surgical Research</JournalTitle>
      <Volume-Issue>Vol. VII, n 3</Volume-Issue>
      <Season>February 2021</Season>
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      <ArticleTitle>Acute Limb Ischemia in Critically ill COVID-19 Patients: a Case Series and Literature Review</ArticleTitle>
      <Abstract>Background: The vascular burden increased by COVID-19 infection and including acute limb ischemia (ALI) quickly emerged as a major medical challenge with devastating consequences such as limb loss, multiorgan dysfunction and death. We report a case series of COVID-19 infection associated with ALI to raise awareness and knowledge towards this life-threatening association. Methods: COVIDS-19 patients with acute limb ischemia (ALI) managed in a Moroccan 14 beds COVID-19 ICU between March 2020 and January 2021, were reviewed. Data collected included demographics, clinical presentation, treatments and outcomes. Results: Over the 10-month period, our ICU cared for 407 hospitalized patients with confirmed COVID-19. A total of 6 COVID-19 patients with ALI were identified. The mean age was 61 years (52 - 70) and 5 were men. The most common preexisting condition was diabetes (50%). The mean CRP level was 219 mg/L. Five patients had thrombus in multiple locations. No concomitant deep vein thrombosis was identified. Four patients presented with signs of acute No arterial ischemia with or without respiratory symptoms and were subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19. The remaining two patients developed ischemia during hospitalization. Mean SOFA score was 5 (2 -9). Respiratory support, corticosteroids and heparin therapies were used in all patients. Intubation and vasopressors were required in four patients. Revascularization was performed in five patients and reintervention was necessary in three cases. Four patients died in the ICU while two were successfully discharged. Conclusion: ALI in COVID-19 patients is a challenging life-threatening vascular emergency that requires appropriate multidisciplinary management (intensivists, anesthesiologists, vascular surgeons and interventionists, radiologists, haematologists…) and further studies focused on anticoagulation.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Acute Limb ischemia, Coagulopathy,  COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Thrombosis</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://journal-jmsr.net/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=9574&amp;title=Acute Limb Ischemia in Critically ill COVID-19 Patients: a Case Series and Literature Review</Abstract>
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