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      <JournalTitle>Journal of Medical and Surgical Research</JournalTitle>
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      <Season>June 2023</Season>
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      <ArticleTitle>A p16 positive pleomorphic Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma: An Unusual Case Scenario</ArticleTitle>
      <Abstract>Endometrial stromal sarcomas are rare uterine malignancies, particularly in young women,and are divided into four types- Endometrial Stromal Nodules [ESN], Low Grade ESS [LGESS], High Grade ESS [HGESS] and Undifferentiated Uterine Sarcomas [UUS]. A fifth category of Endometrial Stromal Sarcomas – Not Otherwise Specified [ESS-NOS] has also been kept for tumours with a predominantly high grade morphology showing significant LG ESS areas as well. Herein, we report a case of a 26 year old woman who presented with an abdominal mass and bleeding per vaginum. Abdomino pelvic ultrasound revealed a neoplastic polypoidal lesion. Post hysterectomy, histopathological examination revealed a tumour mass with features of a highly pleomorphic high grade endometrial stromal sarcoma[HGESS] along with concomitant features of low grade endometrial stromal sarcoma[LGESS] as well. Application of IHC panel further revealed that the tumorcame out to be immuno reactive for vimentin, cyclin D1, INI1 and p-16 with focal positivity for Calretinin, Glypican 3 and CD99, the demonstration of p16 positivity being highly unusual for a HGESS. As the patient’s condition deteriorated rapidly and she expired soon after the initial examination started, molecular profiling could not be done</Abstract>
      <Keywords>p16 positive,Endometrial sarcomas, stromal neoplasms of uterus, high grade endometrial stromal sarcomas, undifferentiated endometrial sarcomas</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://journal-jmsr.net/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=14531&amp;title=A p16 positive pleomorphic Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma: An Unusual Case Scenario</Abstract>
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