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      <JournalTitle>Journal of Medical and Surgical Research</JournalTitle>
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      <Season>March, 2023</Season>
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      <ArticleTitle>Molecular profile of breast cancer experience of pathology department university hospital of marrakech between 2010 and 2022.</ArticleTitle>
      <Abstract>Breast cancer is the most frequent malignancy among women in Morocco. In this study, we provide an approach on the molecular invasive breast carcinoma subtypes in the region of Marrakesh.&#13;
We analyzed 2040 breast invasive carcinoma cases diagnosed at the pathology departement of the&#13;
Mohamed VI University hospital, Marrakesh between January 2010 and June 2022. Molecular subtypes were determined and their associations with the clinico-pathological characteristics of the tumors and prognostic factors were examined.&#13;
The mean age at diagnosis was 50,1 years. Invasive ductal carcinoma was the predominant histological type (81,96%), followed by lobular invasive carcinoma (6,57%). Majority of our patients (89,85%) were diagnosed with tumors of more than 2 cm. Histological grade II tumors were the most frequent (69.46%), followed by advanced histological grade (22,7%). Lymph node positive tumors were observed in 61.55% of cases. Most tumors were hormone receptor positive (72,25%) and 22,65% were HER2 positive. Unlike most international molecular profiles Luminal B was the most common molecular subtype (36.39%) followed by Luminal A (18,95%), Triple Negatif (12,38%) and HER2 (19,65%). Luminal B subtype had a poorer prognosis than Luminal A, Compared with Triple Negative subtype, HER2 subtype tend to spread more aggressively and are associated with poorer prognosis. Unlike Western countries, breast cancer occurs at an earlier age and is diagnosed at a more advanced stage in Marrakesh. In this region, hormone receptor-positive tumors are predominant and so the majority of breast cancer patients should benefit from hormone therapy. HER2 subtype presents an aggressive tendency, suggesting the importance of anti-HER2 therapy. This study will contribute in developing appropriate screening and cancer management strategies in Morocco.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Breast Cancer, Molecular Profil, Her2, Ki67.</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://journal-jmsr.net/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=14384&amp;title=Molecular profile of breast cancer experience of pathology department university hospital of marrakech between 2010 and 2022.</Abstract>
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