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Pages: 530-534
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Percutaneous Cyst Drainage as a Bridge to Surgery for Hydatid Intestinal Obstruction

Author: Jaiteh L, Benkabbou A, Hama Y, Hachim H, Souadka A, El-Malki H. O, Chefchaouni M, Ifrine L, Belkouchi A

Category: JMSR Surgery


Peritoneal echinococcus is an uncommon presentation of hydatid disease. Owing to its vague and varied symptomatology, its diagnosis can be challenging. We report an unusual clinical presentation of peritoneal echinococcus with concomitant small bowel obstruction. Ultrasound and computed tomography showed disseminated abdominal hydatid cysts emanating primarily from the liver with free abdominal fluid and distended bowel loops. Surgery was the chosen treatment option but given the altered general state of the patient due to prolonged bowel obstruction and the resulting electrolyte imbalances, an alternative management option was sought. Percutaneous drainage was used to serve as a bridge in order to optimize fitness for surgery. At a month's interval, surgery was performed and the patient was discharged on albendazole three days later in a satisfactory general condition. Follow-up at three years showed no signs of recurrence.

Keywords: Hydatid disease, Percuteanous drainage, Peritoneal echinoccoccus.

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