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Pages: 512-514
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Uveitis and Celiac Disease: About Two Cases

Author: LM. Hmidchat, M. Laghmari, M. Tijan, O. Cherkaoui

Category: JMSR Gastroenterology


Case Report 1: A 25-year-old woman, suffering from chronic diarrhea since childhood, was referred to our Ophthalmology Department for blurred vision; clinical and angiographic examinations revealed bilateral panuveitis with chlorio- retinal involvement. The diagnosis of celiac disease was made through jejunal biopsy. Laboratory investigations showed no evidence of other causes of uveitis.

Case Report 2: A 11-year-old girl who had a history of familial celiac disease confirmed by bowel biopsy; she has been on a gluten-free diet for several years. She complained of visual loss in her left eye. Ocular examination disclosed a pars planitis with severe macular edema. Etiologic investigations of uveitis were negative.

In both cases, the ophthalmologic features improved significantly under gluten-free diet and general steroid therapy. The association of celiac disease and uveitis seems to have a certain morbid linkage. Ophthalmologic evaluations must be done in all patients with celiac disease.

Keywords: Celiac disease, Uveitis


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