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JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND SURGICAL RESEARCH - Vol. II, n 3 (Special Issue), February, 2016 (1st Int. Day for W.G.S)

Pages: 208-209
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Fatima Al Fihriya, Founder of The Oldest University of Al Quaraouiyine

Author: Younes Cherradi

Category: JMSR History of Medicine


...The most admirable thing about Fatima Al Fihriya is undoubtedly her vision. She decided to use her wealth in a way that would benefit the society in the long term. She died in 880 CE leaving to Morocco, the Muslim world and all the Humanity one of the leading religious and educational centers. Al Quaraouiyine University is still in operation and is one of the highly appreciated universities in Morocco. It had made the reputation of the imperial city of Fez worldwide, as a cultural and traditional Moroccan city.

Keywords: Al Quaraouiyine, Fatima Al-Fihriya, Oldest, University.


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