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JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND SURGICAL RESEARCH - Vol. II, n 3 (Special Issue), February, 2016 (1st Int. Day for W.G.S)

Pages: 177-178

Date of Publication: 28-Feb-2016

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Everything You Always Wanted to Ask a Science Princess, and More!!

Author: HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite (Executive Director of Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT))

Category: Editorial


If I told you that a Muslim woman, Fatima El-Fehriya, donated her inheritance 1300 years ago to build the first university worldwide "al-Qarawiyeen University", still existing in the City of Fez, Morocco, what would be your reaction? If I said that a Princess from the Royal Family of Iraq was a medical doctor and genetic scientist, what would be your reaction? Laughter? A smile? An exclamatory sentence "Tell me more!"?.........

Keywords: First International Day for Women and Girls in Science.