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Pages: 422-430
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Does Osteoarthritis Form Part of The Metabolic Syndrome?

Author: Imad Ghozlani, Aziza Mounach, Mirieme Ghazi, Anass Kherrab, Radouane Niamane

Category: JMSR Rheumatology


Osteoarthritis (OA) is among the most frequently encountered sources of complaints in everyday practice. It is generally characterized by a slowly progressive degeneration of articular cartilage, especially in the weight-bearing joints. OA can affect any joint but the most common are hip and knee and the joints of the hand, foot, and spine. Several elements are recognized as predisposing factors for OA. Apart from the classical factors whose imputability in the genesis of this pathology is amply demonstrated, the metabolic syndrome has recently been the subject of several studies showing its unavoidable involvement in the onset of this disease. In this review we will highlight the links between the various elements of the metabolic syndrome and the development of OA, focusing on the cardiovascular risk that these two conditions can bring about.

Keywords: Cardiovascular Risk; Osteoarthritis, Metabolic Syndrome


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