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Pages: 1166-1173
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Beliefs and Implementation of Evidence Based Practice among Nurses in Marrakech- Morocco.

Author: Ibtissam Zaimi, Kamal Takhdat, Abdelmounaim Baslam, Saloua Lamtali

Category: JMSR Medical Education


Introduction: Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is considered a process for patients to receive the most effective care in a given setting. Despite the available evidence and positive beliefs about it, there are still many barriers for its implementation as a standard daily practice. The present study examined the beliefs and implementation of EBP among nurses in the prefecture of Marrakech. Subjects & Methods: A descriptive correlational study was conducted during June 2022. A self-administered questionnaire was administered to 326 practicing nurses in all public health sectors of Marrakech prefecture. The questionnaire included a section containing sociodemographic data and two validated scales on beliefs and EBP implementation. The association between sociodemographic characteristics, beliefs, and EBP implementation was studied using inferential statistics. Results: the participants had positive beliefs about EBP with a mean of 60.32(±8.42). However, they recognized that implementation of EBP in daily practice was low with a mean 24.8 (±17.1). In addition, A positive association between EBP-B and EBP-I scores was statistically demonstrated by linear regression (r= .304, p<0.001): participants with positive beliefs about EBP are the most likely to implement it. The intensity of the relationship was low to medium. Conclusion: EBP is important in the nursing profession since it is constantly changing. In this study, the majority of nurses in Marrakech prefecture believe in the EBP, but this was not reflected in their clinical practice due to the lack of its implementation. This evaluation highlighted the importance of integrating EBP during nursing education and facilitating its implementation. The lack of decision-making autonomy among nurses may limit the development or change for a practice consequently the implementation of EBP.

Keywords: Evidence Based Practice (EBP), Beliefs, Implementation, Nurse, Marrakech, Morocco

DOI: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000234



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