Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 705-706

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

Voluminous Retroperitoneal Tuberculous Abscess

Author: Hassan Doulhousne, Jihad El Anzaoui, El Mehdi Atmane, Abdelilah Mouhsine

Category: JMSR Pathogens

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A 50-year-old man suffering from right lower back pain for 02 weeks, with loss of weight and deterioration of the general sate. The clinical exam revealed a wheelbase of the right lumbar fossa and inflammatory skin signs. The biological assessment showed moderate inflammatory syndrome. Abdominal CT was performed, showing a voluminous right retroperitoneal abscess in pre-fistulization in the skin, measuring 10.7x8.4x6.7 cm, exerting an important mass effect on the ipsilateral kidney. Percutaneous drainage was performed first. The bacteriological analysis of the purulent fluid affirmed tubercular origin. An anti-tuberculosis treatment was introduced with good clinical and radiological evolution.

Keywords: Cold abscess, Computed Tomography, Tuberculosis


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